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How do we organize?

Your children will be placed in groups according to their gender and age. CYA Track is an official member of USA Track & Field (USATF), THE governing body of Track & Field in the USA. USATF sets the standards for ALL track in this country, maintaining records at all age levels and sanctioning the National Track Championships, selecting the US Olympic Team and governing the Junior Olympics.

As such, we abide by the age classifications designated by the USATF. Age classifications are much different than in many other sports, and for the most part they are much easier to figure out. Age classification is determined by a child/youth/olympians' year of birth. Since the USATF does not classify children who were born more than 10 years prior to the current year, CYA Track has created groupings for them.

The breakdowns are as follows:

Birth Year
Age Division
2014 - 2015
4 & Under
CYA Track Designation
2012 - 2013
CYA Track Designation
2010 - 2011
Official USATF Designation
2008 - 2009
Official USATF Designation
2006 - 2007
Official USATF Designation
2004 - 2005
Official USATF Designation
2002 - 2003
Official USATF Designation