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2017 Over 260 registrants now!
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Friday, 17 March 2017 13:39

Hi All!

We are over 260 registrants now! Tonight I will talk about what you can expect on Sunday.

It looks like our weather will be in the mid-50s and cloudy.  I drove by the track tonight and it look like the track was nearly clear.  Without question, the next two days in the 50's will leave us with a clear track AND field!  It even looks like Saturday's rain might go away allowing to things to dry at the facility. That ALWAYS helps make the facility more enjoyable!

Our Practice will run from 4-5:30pm, but PLEASE read below the basic schedule for ALL of the details:

4:00 pm - All athletes on the field in their age groups

4:05 pm - Warm up lap, younger kids run 1 lap, older kids run 2 laps, everyone returns to their age groups (explained below)

4:10pm - Stretching, ALL athletes in ALL groups step onto the track and stand on one of the white lines with their arms outstretched to make sure there is plenty of room for the stretching and calesthentics.

4:20pm - All athletes are released to their first rotation.

4:25-4:50p, - First assigned rotation to skill/event area according to age/gender groups.

4:50-5pm - Transition time to  next assignment

5-5:25pm - Second assigned rotation to skill/event area according to age/gender groups.

5:25pm - Notification to ALL to fall in for an ending warm-down lap and to report back to parents to end session.

SIMPLE as That!


As this is our first session, I need ALL of our Coaches and Volunteers to arrive earlier:

SET-UP CREW: High School Coaches would be MOST welcome at 2pm.


ALL FAMILIES! As this is the first session, I would like you ALL to be there NO LATER than 3:45pm so you can find your age group coaches and start the process of ordering shirts, etc.

Each Sunday, Chantilly HS hosts a wonderful program called "Chinese School".  They FILL up the parking lot and that means that when you arrive at the school for CYA Track, YOU WILL have to park far away and if you get there at 4pm, you might not get to age group until 4:10pm!  Please come early and eliminate the stress.  The facility is ours and your kids can play around if they get there early.

I will have the Gates to the facility open (enter through the main gate through the tennis courts), proceed through the iron gate onto the track and veer to the right side straightaway of the track (on the PRESS BOX side of the track).  As you walk down the straightaway there will be age groups organized according to birth year and gender to your left on the turf field just inside the track.  The first group on the left will be our youngest girls (birth years 2011-2014), followed by our youngest boys group, progressing and ending with our oldest group, the boys 2001-2004 group. Our age groups are ACCORDING TO THE YEAR OF BIRTH!!  This is how the USATF sorts the groups for competition in the Junior Olympics, the actual Olympics and any USATF sanctioned meet.  YES, this is different than Swimming and most other sports. It is what it is and we are a USATF-Sanctioned program.

2011-2014 Girls, then Boys (our 2013 and 2014 athletes will have a extra coaching to take care of the little ones)

2009-2010 Girls, then Boys

2007-2008 Girls, then Boys

2005-2006 Girls, then Boys

2001-2004 Girls, then Boys

PARENTS! Please deliver your child to their proper age group coach.  PLEASE STAY AND HELP!!  Come dressed comfortably in athletic or casual clothes and help your coaches organize the group.  The idea is that as you progress down the straightaway, your children's age group coaches will be holding up signs that show the BIRTH YEAR and GENDER of you kids.  Your job is to locate the proper group for your kids.  For instance, as you are walking down the track, you will see a coach holding up signs that say "GIRLS", "2005", "2006". Etc.

Simple as that.

So, now you have arrived, you have delivered your child to their group and hopefully you are helping out and having fun.  We then progress to the warm-ups, stretching and rotations.

CYA Track is NOT typically a drop-off sport (within reason).  The reason is that if the weather changes and we need to evacuate the premises, I need everyone there to receive their children. It is not so much a concern for the older children with phones, etc., but just keep that in mind.

EACH REGISTERED ATHLETE will receive two T-shirts with their registration, A white and black shirt for workout and competition.  We have a few shirts that will be there for you to SIZE your athlete and EMAIL me NEXT week with your order.  We have a small bit of carryover stock from last year that will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on Sunday.  Don't worry!! you will ALL get the shirts you need :).  If you are a returning athlete and your shirts still fit, it helps the program if you don't order another (you can claim it as a donation to our program!).

That is it for tonight! I look forward to getting the 15th year of CYA Track underway on Sunday!! I am PSYCHED!

Best - Ed Lull, CYA Track Director

2017 First Practice
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Friday, 17 March 2017 13:38

Hello CYA Track Families!

This Sunday will be our first session of CYA Track.  We had an initial coaches' meeting on Sunday and even saw one of our athletes at the track with his dad getting ready for the season to start!!  Well, I can't wait either.

I have received a few questions about the weather.  First off, with the exception of ONE away meet each year, ALL formal CYA Track events and practices take place at the Chantilly high school track and field facility on Sunday afternoons.  There is NO access to any indoor facilities.  The bottom line is that we run in rain or shine, cold or hot, etc.  By CYA Policy, if there is identifiable electrial storm activity that threatens a practice or meet, I will shut the program down IMMEDIATELY.  I have a device that accurately tracks this activity and use it at every practice/meet.

So there is snow outside our homes as I write and you read this email.  There is also snow (now probably) ice on the track.  Obviously practices are cancelled if there is snow or ice on the track.  HOWEVER, we should be having some milder days between then and now and a warm rain on Saturday which should deliver us a damp but beautiful track on Sunday.  The forcast for Sunday says it will be cloudy and 47, but I am confident it will be 74! (not really).

As in Sunday's emails: DRESS in layers, MARK your athletes' clothes, BRING a MARKED water bottle.  We have 13 sessions this year and we will try to deliver a meaningful session each week, regardless of the weather, regardless of the holidays and regardless of Spring Break.

That having been said, I need to explain to those of you who are new to the program the core values of CYA Track.  This program has as its single goal the desire to create a positive family experience for our participants, fostering a LOVE of this sport, and an awareness of the importance of lifetime fitness through stretching, running, jumping and thowing.  CYA Track is a cafeteria sport.  WE NEED A SOLID commitment from our coaches to be there at the critical times, but since we are not a 10-game, 3-round playoff program, it is not critical if your child is not able to make it if life drags your family in a different direction on some Sundays.  We hope that you will be there each week, but there should be no stress if you miss a session or meet.

Our job is NOT to train your children to a high-performance level for their age-group, you can't do that in 13 sessions.  Besides, there is often too much performance pressure placed on the kids from other sports and activities.  Our philosophy is that when our children grow into their big-boy and big-girl bodies as they enter high school, we hope that they will remember how fun track was and will go out for their high school team and pursue excellence under their high school coaches and beyond.  YES, there ARE local youth track programs who encourage their athletes to train super-hard and to buy super-expensive gear for racing.....that is not us.  We don't feel that the risk of overtraining a youth athlete is worth the possibility of ruining their chances of having an enjoyable and successful high school careet and possibly far beyond.

That having been said, in the past 15 years of CYA Track, our track athletes have gone on to win over 60 state championships at six different local high schools, too many all-state, all-region and all-district accolades than are countable. We even boast some high school national champions (including a National High School Record) and as of last summer, an athlete who made it to the US Olympic Trials Finals!! CYA Track athletes appear and even dominate many high school record-boards, and MANY of those athletes will be coming out to help teach your child the FUN of being a track athlete!

So, we have a BEAUTIFUL track facility that is ours each Sunday afternoon.  Parents, come dressed to run and play and be active with your kids!  This is our opportunity to get in a little excercise as well!  CYA Track should be a low-stress, high-activity, and FUN zone.  That will be the backdrop to this season.  If you have questions or comments or want to talk about the program, I try to give my cell with each message. Call me!

UNIFORMS - We will start taking Tshirt orders this Sunday for the program Tshirts that come free with your registrations.

For new registrants:

Join the Facebook Page:

2017 CYA Track    (the 2017 page, not pages from prior years)

Coaches Join the Facebook Page:

2017 CYA Track Coaches  (WE NEED MORE COACHES!!)

Order your Coaching shirts and do your background checks!!

See you all soon- Sunday 4-5:30pm.  Get there early, the parking lot will be crowded with other events at the school, and it might take 5 minutes to walk to the track facility from the parking lot.

Best - Ed

CYA Track Director