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Where do we meet?

All practices and events take place at the Chantilly High School Track and surrounding fields.

Chantilly High School

4201 Stringfellow Rd.
Chantilly, VA 20151

Get directions?

How do we organize?

Your children will be placed in groups according to their gender and age. CYA Track is an official member of USA Track & Field (USATF), THE governing body of Track & Field in the USA. USATF sets the standards for ALL track in this country, maintaining records at all age levels and sanctioning the National Track Championships, selecting the US Olympic Team and governing the Junior Olympics.

As such, we abide by the age classifications designated by the USATF. Age classifications are much different than in many other sports, and for the most part they are much easier to figure out. Age classification is determined by a child/youth/olympians' year of birth. Since the USATF does not classify children who were born more than 10 years prior to the current year, CYA Track has created groupings for them.

The breakdowns are as follows:

Birth Year
Age Division
2014 - 2015
4 & Under
CYA Track Designation
2012 - 2013
CYA Track Designation
2010 - 2011
Official USATF Designation
2008 - 2009
Official USATF Designation
2006 - 2007
Official USATF Designation
2004 - 2005
Official USATF Designation
2002 - 2003
Official USATF Designation
A Few Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines!

  1. CYA Track (Director and coaches) will communicate with you primarily by email.  Please check your email EVERY Sunday after 1pm on days that you think practice might be cancelled. (that is how I communicate cancellations).  I also usually send out emails during the week regarding upcoming events.
  2. Practice will be cancelled if there is an Electrical storm threatening.  We practice in the rain.
  3. Practice will be cancelled if there is snow or ice on the track (Oh please, no more snow!!)
  4. Please make sure your kids have comfortable running shoes, that they dress in a few layers, that they are warm enough, and that they have a water bottle with their name written on it.
  5. There are NO RESTROOMS.  We are only there for an hour.  Make sure your child goes to the bathroom before practice.
  6. Parents are welcome to hang out in the stands during practice, or to walk in the infield, or to participate with your children's group.
  7. Children are not allowed to leave the track during the practice.
  8. If you drop your child off, it is your responsibility to make sure they check in with their age group coach.  YOU MUST be there at or before 5pm to pick your child up.  Parents of young children are ENCOURAGED to stay and watch or participate.
  9. Track is a low-key program.  If you have to miss a practice, no problem.  Once you have been assigned to a coach, you can let them know about your scheduling conflicts.
  10. The first few practices will mainly be running and stretching.
  11. Make a name badge for your child.  Cut a piece of fabric about the size of an index card.  Use a permanent marker to write their first name on the badge.  Use safety pins to attach it to your child's jersey/t-shirt.  This way coaches can more easily recognize the childrens' names, and other kids can cheer for them when they are racing.
  12. We will be verifying jersey and T-shirt sizes in the first two-three weeks, so the kids have their stuff for the first meet that occurs in April.
  13. CYA is a 100% volunteer league.  NONE of us are paid.  If I ask for help, it will only because I need it, and I am sure you will rise to the occasion if needed.
  14. CYA Track's mission is to develop a love and appreciation for the sport of Track and Field.  We will do sprints, distance running, long jumping, triple jumping, high jumping, shot putting, discuss throwing, relays.  Kids will be challenged physically on some occasions, but we are not intending to push any child to their limits.  The emphasis is NOT ON WINNING, it is on developing skills and improving one's times as the season progresses.
  15. It is your responsibility to let us know if there are any health issues of which we should be aware.
How can I order cool CYA Track stuff?

Information on the 2014 Spirit Pack coming soon!

How do I apply for a CYA Track Scholarship?

Use this form to apply for a CYA Track Scholarship: Scholarship Application for Graduating Seniors